Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Kirsten is out of surgery...

Not sure whether she is awake again quite yet, but I called up the hospital and heard that Kirsten got out of surgery and is in the recovery room. She should be home soon...

(long breath)

Nice to know she's ok, seeing as how she's the most important person in my life and everything.

I am an extremely fortunate person to have been blessed with a relationship that is so strong with a person who is so good... one with no need for secrets or lies, one with a constant unspoken conversation and endless in-jokes, one where we can be loved for our whole selves, and not just for the part we feel it's safe to show "ordinary people."

So, looks like I get to spend the next week or two spending the holidays with her, getting her tea and snacks, watching cartoons and movies, cuddling, spoiling the cats, and basically smothering her with attention until she's sick of it. Maybe I'll even draw an anchor on her cast and start calling her Popeye... she's so cute when she's angry! ;->

Happy Thanksgiving, I guess...

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