Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

should get some sleep...

Kirsten gets her operation tomorrow. I would fret more, but it wouldn't do any good, and I'm not one for needless, ineffective worrying. Everything *will* go well. Our life *will* eventually return to something approximating pre-injury status for her... oh, and the insurance company *will* settle the lawsuit before we have to drag things into court. Frankly, Kirsten has a really good case, so they should settile ASAP if they want to save some money.

Planned a lot of plans for the perfect San Francisco day trip on Sunday with a friend in from out of town, but when I finally got up to see him, he looked very under the weather and was just not up for the city, so I spent the day with Kirsten on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley. He'll be back in the area again, I'm sure... better a live dog than a dead lion.

Shame, really, as I planned a really great walking tour of Chinatown and the surrounding locale... I probably know more about San Francisco history than most tour guides. I even know where the affordable parking and where both the best and the least expensive dim sum can be found. The next person(s) I go to San Francisco with is/are going to have a very good time indeed...

Did a lot of aesthetic things around the house lately... got the bedroom in shape, installed a nifty new shower head (With lovely misting and massage, and without a low-flo adaptor. Showers were meant to be real... ) Also, have a few new additions for the back yard. Set up a place for the squirrels and birds to get food, got a rosemary bush, and generally spent time being teto all the plants, really.
Very tired... time to mooch some cuddles!

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