Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Bryan Ferry concert review...

"There's a new sensation
A fabulous creation
A danceable solution
To teenage revolution..."

Mr. Ferry has obviously dipped into the hairdye again lately. Out has sprung a suave lounge lizard who looks fifteen years younger... which would, incidentally, be around 15 years past the highpoint of his career.

It was a good concert with impeccable credentials. Still, despite several skilled renditions of his solo efforts, he was so good at performing a handful of his clearly superior Roxy Music songs that it's a wonder that he would ever try performing anything else.

The concert was worth seeing certainly, but I detested Martina Sorbara, the sickly saccharine cutesy Canadian who opened the show. She has a clear, Jewel-like voice and, when she's not pitching her new CD, she sings annoyingly trite songs about her ex-boyfriend, the asshole, and doesn't even do us the favor of expressing any true emotion whatsoever whilst doing so. Aw... poor Martina. Mean people suck, eh?!

Frankly, I would have dumped her vapid, bony arse too. She makes Edie Brickell look like she really is getting "too deep"... If it weren't for Martina Sobara's ex, one wonders what she'd have to sing about at all.

If I see her again, I think I will get a handful of people to throw drinks at her and boo her offstage. That could be a very positive thing for her, however, as she might actually get over her ex and find a bit of suffering worth writing about. Perhaps she could even write "Martina Sobara - Artist" without instinctively dotting the "i" with a heart...

Frankly, Bryan Ferry should also consider the value of writing new material, perhaps locking himself in a basement with Eno, Bjork, Marilyn Manson, The Genetorturers, or whatever it takes to create new, worthy, non-redundant material. He's coasted long enough on cover songs. Time to deliver, or, failing that, to humbly dedicate the rest of his life to singing the old tunes.

Some dizzy heights cannot be easily topped. I, for one, wouldn't complain if he stopped trying.

Is a nice flower
It lasts forever...
but it can't beat strand power..."

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