Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

pearl tea and a movie...

My favorite pearl tea place is T.C. Tea House in Milpitas, where they have a list of available teas approximately a mile long, and do the pearls just right. There's not a lot out there on T.C. Tea, but they got a nice review by the Metro in '97, and one of their workers cranked out a crappy website which was never finished and hasn't been updated since late '97...

Turns out that T.C. Tea is open until about 9 every night, so Kirsten and I went late for a change and tried some teas that were different than our normal selections of black tea with coconut, pearls, and milk, and green tea with peach and pearls. In this case, we got black tea with cherry and pearls, and green tea with raspberry, pearls, and milk. Very nice indeed. They also make veggie food, so I had their veggie dumplings in soup...

We followed up the tea with a movie at the Milpitas Cinema Savers 10 theatres... $3 movies ($1 on Tuesday nights), clean, nice seats, not overrun with screaming kids, reasonably-priced snacks and refreshments, and some good movies, too... usually big releases that are nearing the end of their runs in theaters, but also some smaller releases too.

We saw "Real Women Have Curves", which was very good indeed. The atmosphere of the movie was spot-on, and even the incidental characters came off as authentic and real, with unexpected warmth and depth.

The lead actress, America Ferrera, was just right for the role, playing it with great attitude and expressiveness that came out of her even during the most silent moments. She was all together faboo and deserves a wonderful career full of great parts... which, no doubt, the movie industry probably won't create for her.

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