Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

That'll keep me busy... !

Last night, I was up a bit late, but I spotted a cool thing to do... The Witches Ball, taking place in Palo Alto, inbetween San Jose and San Francisco. Sounds like my kinda thing... I also found out about a Samhain celebration on the 28th, though I still have to get the fine details.

... and this morning, I was commuting to work with Kirsten, listening to KFJC when the DJ announced that he was giving tickets away to see The Dirty Three, yet another great band from Australia. If Nick Cave had someone else do a soundtrack for his life, well, the Dirty Three would be the band to do it... needless to say, I was excited. I recruited Kirsten's help, and between her cellphone and my work phone, we mobbed the phone lines and got the tix!

Somehow, amidst this active social life, I am supposed to deliver documentation for a new piece of software... I am also designing a new web-based GUI for all of our documentation, and contributing to the GUI design for our software. Oh... and we're also migrating to Dreamweaver. Since the manager is reticent to actually pay people to train anyone, and I'm the only person here who knows Dreamweaver, I guess that would make me the expert. Whee... I always wanted to do technical support again. Um... NOT!!

In other words, I will have a busy October... and I still don't know what I'm doing for Halloween!

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