Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Watched the second part of the 'American Experience' profile on Jimmy Carter... it was really well done, and very informative... and above all, it makes me wish there were more politicians out there who were as honest as he was. Which is better, a president that does an interview in Playboy and admits to thoughts of infidelity, or one that commits infidelity and them purjures himself to keep it silent?

Meanwhile, George W. has bigger, more important things to lie about... like the lies he told about a non-existent report that said Iraq could have nukes in 6 months, the lies he told about his longstanding friendship and financial support from Kenneth Lay of Enron, his DUI arrest, his going AWOL from the National Guard, etc.

One can only hope that the Democrats will see that they literally have nothing to lose anymore and will lay into Bush and Cheney's lies with the ferocity of the cornered dogs that they are. Forcing Cheney to reveal his energy policy talks with Kenneth Lay would be a good start. Getting Bush's military record unsealed would be even better...

On the brighter side of life, here's a link to a book-on-tape reading by Eric Idle for "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". You can listen to about 12 minues of it online, gratis.

Still, I doubt it will be as good as listening to John Cleese read "The Screwtape Letters" however. I heard this before, and thought it was perfectly cast, with Cleese as the midlevel manager of devildom, instructing a junior officer in the fine art of leading a Christian into sin and temptation. They should re-release this on CD... or I should get it from the library and save it to mp3 or something.

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