Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,


The original creator of Redfoot is grousing on Advogato that someone forked his open source code his back, leading to bickering between the founding developer and the former co-developer (now lead developer?!) who continued work on the project when the founder ignored it for an extended period of time.

Which, of course, led to the obligatory humerous, snarky comment:
"Has jtauber's project been forked behind his back? Or was he given amnesia by aliens?! Who is carrying eikeon's secret love child? What does jwz have to do with all of this? To find out, tune in next week for Code of our Lives, right here on Advogato!"

It is to laugh. If someone licenses their software in such a way as to encourage others to expand upon what they've created, how can they complain when someone actually *does* so? That's what the GPL is all about, after all. Maybe they should have chosen another license...

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