Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The real lessons of the recent political race...

1> Democrats are boring. They aren't even Democrats most of the time.. at least any kind of Democrat that might inspire loyalty and grassroots support.

2> Boring parties mean boring elections... which means low voter turnout.... which means Republicans win.

3> The election wasn't a referendum on how great Dubya is, it was a referendum on how boring and stale the Democratic Party is. They couldn't inspire people to come to the polls... they couldn't even buy votes. They failed to effectively reach out to anyone... minorities, labor, the Greens... anyone. The majority of those who voted voted in fear of the Republicans, not based on the promise of the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party has no promise, because their own constituency don't believe their promises anymore.

4> The Democratic Party fails repeatedly to represent their constituency. For instance, although around 60% of the public favored war against Iraq, the majority of the Democrats out there opposed the war. Our representitives got tons of email and letters overwhelmingly opposed to war... their solution?! They ignored it. Other key Democrats like Feinstein are also behind legislation to stifle our civil liberties online... so who is looking out for us?!

The solution seems to be a fundamental shakeup in the Democratic party. It needs to come together. The most active liberal party out there are the Greens. They are far more active on a grassroots level per person than the Democrats, who nearly lost the California governor's race against an unknown incompetent who got caught in numerous lies and who has a past that is only marginally more politically attractive than an executive from Enron. This is despite the fact that the republican candidate was outspent many times over. If something fundamental doesn't change, Arnold Schwartzenegger will be California's next governor... Be scared. Be very scared.

I voted Green before, and heavily favor their politics, but I voted for the Democrats this time around because the races were too close and the alternative was too depressing. Unfortunately, the worst came to pass anyway.

The Democrats should be scared after the last election, but the question is whether they actually learned from it... They could see it as a sign that they should unite the party, or they could also see it as a sign that they should move further to the right.

What really needs to happen is for the Green Party to wake up and realize that they are shooting themselves in the foot currently. (The Democrats need to realize this too...) If this were a true multiparty system, then yes... I could see the point of voting for the Greens, even in the tightest of races. I would much prefer such a system, as it is more representative. However, this isn't the case. The Green Party and the Democrats both need a great big clue hammer.

The Greens shouldn't disband... far from it. Instead, they should only offer their votes to Democrats (and possibly even Republicans) who are willing to adjust their policies to support the Green agenda. In other words, they should run candidates only in races where one of the other major party candidates aren't worth endorsing. They should also stop targeting the Democrats and start targeting the Republicans too for a change. Both parties are the problem.

What would be lovely is if there was a party called "The Christian Party" to take votes away from the Republicans, but that would be too helpful...


Brothers, sisters... Hallelujah! I see the light! I am born again!

Wasn't it George Bush Sr. who started us on the path of the "One World Order", and Dubya who has moved us into a position of dictating terms to the U.N., thereby putting the U.S. government at the head of a great global power? Behold, there will be a beast with many heads... George Bush may just be the Antichrist!

Yea... verily we are in the end of times and great wrath will pour down upon us for all eternity if we follow the path of the Antichrist. Whore of Babylon, great plagues, earthquakes, blood, famine, and strife! We need to cleanse the White House of it's inequities! Follow me... Pick up the Good Book and a ballot and cast your vote for Christ in 2004! Upon casting of your ballot, you will immediately ascend to Heaven as one of the chosen and sit at the right hand of God! A-a-a-amen! ;->

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