Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

A letter to a particular friend that applies to many others...

Hullo. Just got my computer and dialup going, so I'm kinda back... DSL soon.

Been doing a lot of work on moving and getting the new place fixed up. Very cool. I have my computer desk looking out on our back yard... listening to the rain, occasional thunder, and my windchimes. (I have nice windchimes. Must hang the Tibetan bells too... as soon as I figure out what box they are in.

It's very nice, and it will get better as I add my herb garden / hot tub / bird feeders / other assorted plants. For now, I feel like I'm not completely cut off from nature, which is a good start. Looking forward to having lots of little seedlings to tend to!

Yeah, I know. I probably like all of these things too much, but sometimes when the world sucks (i.e. the recent election), nature is the one sure thing you can depend upon. Despite mankind's best efforts, it still thrives if left to do its thing, and nature will gladly bury Mr. Bush with nary a whisper. One can only hope that changing demographics will do the same to the rest of the Republican Party.

George W. Bush for fertilizer - ASAP!

Hugs and wavy cheers. Looking forward to seeing you once we're a bit more settled and ready to show off the place!


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