Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

rather incommunicado...

Lots of moving happening. Phone service disconnected at the old place, as is DSL, so no way of reaching me for a day or so. Fortunately, many, many boxes have been moved... probably around 100. Most of what needs to be done at this point is the furniture, which will be attacked tomorrow at 11am by a small army of friends and wellwishers.

Yay friends and wellwishers. Glad I'm not doing this without a bit of help, because I am one big achy ache at this point. That's what I get for having all those books and CDs, I guess...

Oh, and I'm hoping that the "kick that boyfriend to the curb" style comments on the "Share your Shame" post will end sometime soon. The post wasn't meant for people to cast judgements on others, but for people to relate and maybe offer some helpful information that might make them feel a bit less alone.

Ann Landers / Dear Abby / Miss Manners sucks, and anyone who would willingly follow their lead can do so... elsewhere.

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