Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Share your shame...

I have been thinking a lot about the masks people wear lately, and why people construct such elaborate defenses to protect themselves... there's a deep-seated fear amongst so many people of opening up to others, only to be rejected. The thing is, I really care about my friends and I *want* them to be able to open up, show me their true selves, and feel confident that they won't be rejected...

So, here's my solution:
I have turned off all IP tracking for my journal. I want you to reply to this post anonymously with your shames, insecurities, and guilts... anything that you would have a real problem telling other people. Please, only one shame, insecurity, or guilty feeling per comment, as I want to guarantee maximum anonymity.... multiple seperate anonymous replies are allowed, however. Any non-anonymous replies will be deleted promptly.

I have hundreds of LiveJournal friends, and hundreds of others regularly visit my journal, so your anonymity is secure -- safety through numbers. If you like this post, you can even refer people to it on your journal, making it even more anonymous and giving your friends a chance to share their shame.

I would also like to invite you to look through the replies to this post and make replies (either non-anonymous or anonymous) to the comments people have left about what they are ashamed of or insecure about. You can sympathize, share your feelings and experiences, etc. Any hateful, trolling replies or advice that is judgemental in nature will be deleted promptly.

Perhaps you'll find that your shame and insecurity isn't that different from anyone else's... or even find others who can really relate to you, in which case you can use the comments in this post to (anonymously or non-anonymously) get in touch with each other and make new friends.

So, what have you got to lose but your emotional baggage?! Give it a try.
What are you ashamed of?

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