Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Moving to the new place...

Next Saturday, a bigass moving van will arrive at our place near downtown San Jose at around 11am, at which point we will load all of our stuff into it, move it about 5 miles away, and unload it in our new home in Santa Clara.

If any warm bodies with a pulse would be willing to assist in this process, please reply... we'd appreciate the help. Everything is all set to move, and we're hoping to get it all loaded and unloaded withing three hours, people power permitting...

"But what's in it for me," you say? The answer is obvious, of course. A world of fabulous prizes!

- Twentyfive LiveJournal invite codes per person!
- Lunch! (Indian food? Beer and pizza?!)
- An invitation to our housewarming party, tenatively scheduled for the middle of November!

We can also offer customized bribes! :
- Our help in the future with such things as: moving your stuff, pet sitting, towing services (we have our own trailer), resumes, web design, proofreading, document design, etc.
- Use of our future hot tub, to arrive hopefully no later than Christmas.

Or, if you really need a bribe, I can afford to pay out some cash. Name your price for approximately three hours of moving stuff.

So, what's your poison?!

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