Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

on moving, gardening, and what I want in a relationship

Been finding myself a bit lonely and wanting another poly relationship lately... but this is ok, as right now Kirsten and I are moving in to a new house soon and have much to do. I'm looking forward to having a private back yard, and turning it into my ultimate relaxation place: Hot tub, my wind chimes, some outdoor speakers, lots of lush shade plants, an herb garden (fresh mint, basil, and rosemary!), anise, ornamental grasses, some wildflowers... I think I need to find someone who really knows gardening to help me plan the garden, although I'm fine with doing the work.

A hot tub seems a lot easier to get nowadays. I've noticed several ads where people just want to get rid of theirs -- pick it up and it's yours! Works for me. They must all be leaving the area...

Still, it would be nice to meet someone special. I am a pretty shy person most of the time, and usually I'm either not the one doing the pursuing, or I am just oblivious to other person's advances. As a result, I normally find that it takes a sexually agressive woman to corner me. That's cool in one respect, as I like sexually agressive women... on the other hand, I also like people who are kind and loving outside of the bedroom and who aren't prone to excessive drama or posessiveness. It's a hard thing finding a person with both a nice wickedly playful streak and who are also kind and gentle too.

Basic rules for the kind of people I want to meet:
1. Someone who doesn't wake up with a start and rush out of bed first thing in the morning... especially on weekends. Leisurely touching and lovemaking is a lot more fun. Brief exceptions are acceptable for brushing your teeth and peeing, however.
2. Someone who is skilled in the fine art of cuddling whilst watching Bugs Bunny.
3. Someone who can appreciate Monty Python and Mulholland Drive, Bowie and Beethoven, Cocteau Twins and Cab Calloway....
4. Someone who thinks that Bogart and Bacall were really sexy, Groucho and Harpo were really funny, and that black and white movies were meant to stay that way.
5. Someone who loves nature -- the sea, the rain, the wind, and green growing things.
6. Someone whose favorite aphrodisiac isn't smoked, imbibed, or taken in pill form, but is, infact, inside their skull.
7. Someone who my cats like and who will provide them with warm places to curl up next to.
8. Someone who will not beat around the bush when they want something... especially long, meaningful talks, cuddling, or sex.
9. Someone who can deal with the fact that I am happily married and who won't view my time or affection as something to compete for, but as something that is always there for them.
10. Someone who will writhe, pull hair, scratch, bite, grind, give orders, use me like a rag doll, or do whatever else is needed until they get theirs in bed.

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