Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Me? Helping fix Blogger's bugs?! Well, sorta.

A few days back, I added boingboing_net to the list of RSS feeds I subscribed to, only to discover that the feed wasn't working, and was apparently choking on a particularly odd bit of text. I contacted the people over at boing-boing to let them know about the broken feed. Several emails later, it was discovered that Blogger's RSS feeds weren't coping well with a few special characters. They have since fixed the problem... frankly, I'm surprised they didn't notice it before.

While it seems kind of ironic for me to be helping Blogger, I'm glad to do it under the circumstances. There are just too many advantages to getting syndication working well for everyone... plus, a working boing-boing feed is a nice thing for LJ users to have access to.

update - Cory from boingboing says that he thinks Blogger hasn't fixed the problem yet after all, and that what happened is that the offending characters scrolled off his RSS feed instead. However, the team at b2 is taking steps to avoid this problem in the future until such point as Blogger fixes the bug.

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