Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,


Took a catnap for about 30 minutes. Perhaps I should do so more often, because it seems to be one of the few times when I can reliably remember my dreams...

bits and pieces:

I was at my parent's old house, where I accidentally spraypainted my hair pink and blue, with glitter... it looked fabulous, but I had to wash it out before coming to the dinner table. :-/

There was an odd crack in the plaster to the right side of the sink, where I saw ladybugs pushing a bunch of things that looked like spider eggs. I took a flexible spray nozzle and zapped the large spider egg-like creations. Turns out they were chocolate lady bugs wrapped in foil.

I was naked in the classroom, but I didn't really mind.... I think I was a kind of show-and-tell project. All the kids flocked to the door of the white, white, white classroom when they heard Radiohead playing "Lucky" outside...

Met someone in a dream. White bed with white sheets in a white, white, white room... but somehow not the classroom anymore. Very cuddly with realistic f*cking action.

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