Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

yet another ignorant reporter...

In this case, Reed Stevenson from Reuters, who reports about "what may be the Internet's first attempt at a public suicide"...

Bah. Guess they've never heard of Wintermute, an auld aquaintance of mine from Trex, or the others, I'm sure, who have used Usenet, IRC, the Well, BBS', or anything similar as a cry for help... (I would be surprised if the first such event didn't date back to the '80s, if not earlier. To not consider this as a possibility shows a profound lack of knowledge regarding the Internet, IMHO. It was here long before the WWW and may well be here long after the WWW has changed into something quite different than what it is today.)

This doesn't even touch upon all the journallers and webloggers who have posted about (and even used webcams) to document their suicide attempts. Most of the time they live... but sometimes they die. They don't know about stars_pyre, a promising student at Berkeley who jumped from the top of the dorms, nor do they know how helpless you feel when you see a suicide post and you're rushing to get in touch with someone - anyone - who might know who they are, where they live, and whether they're alright or not. They've certainly never had to try to help and comfort the parents of a suicide victim, who, upon reading their kid's journal, could only say "I never knew..."

But hey, it's news, right? And it's a first, too!

Frankly, there are better firsts in life that one can aspire to than being the first to die.

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