Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,


Hurricane Lili appears to have calmed down a bit... it was approaching being a cat-5 hurricane, but has slowed greatly before landfall... if you can call 125 MPH winds "slowing greatly". The big danger is the storm surge of 12'-18'. Lili is heading towards the coast at a faster rate than expected, it's really too late for people to safely evacuate at this point.

The first landfall is predicted to be near Avery Island, (home of Tabasco sauce), due south of Lafayette. It should land at about a cat-3 hurricane, and should move inland to hit the region near Lafayette with hurricane strength winds. I suspect many people went to bed thinking that they'd be fine... but the storm is coming in quick, so by the time most people wake up, it may be too late to do anything at all. Hopefully it won't be necessary. They're issuing tornado warnings near Baton Rouge and the western region of New Orleans, and there's no knowing what the storm surge will do, so they're far from out of the woods yet.

From lyria in Baton Rouge - "There was no regular unleaded gas left at any of the gas stations near the interstate. Roads are jammed, and yet another relay sleepover is occuring tonight. The barometric pressure is so low, my ears are popping indoors. If it's looking bad when I wake up, I'm bailing to Ruston. Screw overtime, and screw my supervisor if she tries to fuck up my absense record for evacuating like a normal human being."

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