Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,


Isadore was a kitten compared to Lili...

Lili is gaining strength and could soon be a category 3 hurricane with sustained winds up to 125 mph... unfortunately, nobody knows for sure where it will go. Some predictions indicate that it will eventually turn north and hit western Louisiana, but it might very well not turn north at all, plowing into Galveston. Alternately, it could turn north earlier than expected and hit New Orleans dead on. That could be a very serious hurricane indeed...

What's really lovely (and a great site, to boot) is this one... go there and select "8 image animation".

Hurricanes are beautiful and deadly, and Lili is particularly impressive. You can tell how it's gaining strength just by looking at how the eye of the hurricane keeps getting more distinct and how the formation of the hurricane is becoming more perfect.

I must be hurricane fetishist. I blame Key Largo. As much as I love watching the chemistry between Bogart and Bacall, my favorite bit of that movie doesn't star them - it stars Lionel Barrymore, Edward G. Robinson, and the hurricane. Lionel Barrymore's character tells Edward G. Robinson about the hurricane that flattened the island and killed dozens. "The bodies washed up in the mangroves for weeks." Nothing quite like watching Edward G. sweat as the hurricane gets louder and louder... and nobody has ever sweat any better in movies than Edward G. Robinson. (No, not even Peter Lorre... bless his kreepy little pate!)

So, you've got Bogart, Bacall, Edward G. Robinson, Lionel Barrymore, Peter Lorre, and... Lili? That can only mean one thing...

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