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the morning after...

So, what was the aftermath of Isadore?

"The only damage I noticed were branches and one telephone pole snapped in half."

"Couldn't actually get to where I work at .... So I said "fuck it", and started to head back home. And that is when the excitement began ..... The other side of the road, on which I'd have to drive to get home, was under water. Luckily/thankfully (all praise to Allah, Jehovah, the Goddess, etc.), I was able to get through by driving with my left tires up on the median .... It was actually pretty scarey, and after I got past the water, I was shaking a bit. So I'm home now, and don't intend to go anywhere, anytime soon."

"Lots of rain, some winds, street flooding but I stayed high and dry, no more water under the door."

"I will never begrudge my huge water/sewerage bill ever again. "

"Power went out at about 12:15 last night. Some baka hit a transformer. Even though I like being out of classes, I want to go home... "

"calm calm day, no rain, just muted grey skies, chirping birds, and water stains all over; nothing dry, inside or out, even if it didn't get wet... but so silent, everywhere... cars still parked hither tither on the neutral ground on St. Claude, the usual crowd of cubanos y hondurenos lounging outside the airconditioner repair shop by Dora's...hola, hola, to everyone... worked with one guy in the Penguin Brigade... they all stare at me as I walk towards the shop, in a stupor, as though they were watching the world from inside a bubble; a hello is usually a little shocking to them, unless good music is playing and then a little dance is in order..."


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