Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Stories from the storm

I'm reading posts from people in New Orleans. Obviously, tonight is not a night for sleep, given that Isadore has come a-knockin'.

Some extracts from some of the people in the Big Easy...

"The weather is awesome, it's flooded so high .. It's worse than Sporkmas."

"we'll probably lose power sometime in the next four hours. see everyone when entergy's turned us back on."

"My house is flooding for the second time tonight. I started drinking an hour ago, it allows me to regain my humor at this time."

"i would dance on hot coals naked for a cigarette. Alas i am stranded at my moms house with no way out. the street is mega deep flooded."

"my power went out around 11....scary shit...".... "after the power came back, i put on the t.v. and it said there was a tornado warning for jefferson mouth dropped! hurricanes are one thing, but tornadoes are a whole hell of a lot different...homie don't play dat!"

"Sure, my street is flooded, but I also live like 2 blocks from a bunch of bars (ie Fat City). A friend and I are about to bare the rain and wind of Tropical Storm Isidore to get out to this freaking place. It's been almost an hour since my birthday began so video poker and booze - here I come!"

current music: The sound of falling raindrops - 16 hours straight

No posts out of New Orleans for the past 30 minutes, which seems kinda odd. I suspect that they've had some major power outages, but it could be that everyone is sleeping, I guess.

Play safe, New Orleans. Whatever gets you through the night...

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