Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Scientologists vandalize the Internet's history...

Can anyone doubt the fanatical zeal of the Scientology cult? It's not enough that they're using threats and intimidation to silence their critics... now they're trying to rewrite history., a site which archives the Internet for historical purposes, has been forced to block ALL archived material for, based on the premise that some of the archived material contains "copyrighted", "secret" Scientology information.

The DMCA requires an immediate takedown of this kind of content, but it can be restored rapidly if the content owner ( appeals the decision and decides to fight the ruling. If so, it could be the undoing of the CoS, whose copyrights are highly suspect. Until now, the cost of fighting the CoS has forced defendants to settle, but there are good people out there who might see this as the perfect opportunity to act. Anyone up for a little pro bono work?!

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