Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

appropriately enough...

The US Patent and Trademark Office has a nifty new logo for homeland security. It depicts an eyeball peeking through keyholes over an upside-down United States flag.

The irony is apparently lost on them...

Maybe they need to consider something more direct, such as a looping animated gif where a red, white, and blue boot endlessly stomps on a human face.

Oh... and apparently 1 in 24 Americans will soon be spies, thanks to Operation TIPS.

"The Department of Justice is discussing participation with several industry groups whose workers are ideally suited to help in the anti-terrorism effort because their routines allow them to recognize unusual events and have expressed a desire for a mechanism to report these events to authorities.

These workers will use their common sense and knowledge of their work environment to identify suspicious or unusual activity."

The government will specifically be recruiting those who have a greater degree of access to your home and personal information than most people, such as mailmen, utility company workers, repairmen, etc. According to this article, the US will soon have a higher percentage of citizen informants than the former East Germany had through the infamous Stasi secret police.


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