Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Back from S.F.

It was fun... though it wasn't exactly what I expected, and it wasn't exactly Fiendish. Turns out that it was actually House of Voodoo this week.

Things at the club started off early with a screening of The Beaver Trilogy, which was a hoot. A documentary that became the subject matter for two short films, which featured both Sean Penn and Crispin Glover playing the lead role, as a young man who likes performing as Olivia Newton John in makeup and a flowing blonde wig. The version by Crispin is the superior one, but seeing an unknown Sean Penn mangle Olivia Newton John is truly a spectacle to behold.

The music afterwards was quite good... old and new goth mixed with less common, less poppy '80s music. Met the DJ, who played a few nice things I haven't paid attention to before. He invited us to Smoke and Mirrors, which is the club he runs/DJs at tonight. Guess we're going back to S.F. today, perhaps to look around a bit and try to determine what neighborhoods would be the best to live in. I'm a pedestrian by nature, and I'm hoping to find a really good place for a pedestrian experience, with a nice cozy community with several restaurants and at least one good nightclub in walking distance. The tough part will probably be finding the right place which will both allow and have room for our cats, frankly...

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