Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Not all is well in Userland...

Looks like Dave, the guy who founded Userland, maker of one of the many weblog apps out there, is in the hospital for at least a week.

My thoughts regarding Dave have always been torn. He's passed along the good news about LJ's RSS support in the past, but at the same time, I also know that he can be a bit abrasive and high-strung too. Definite type A personality. I have hopes for his recovery, but does it concern me that he's perhaps blown a gasket? Yes, it does.

Literally nothing has been said by his company about his ailment other than he is in the hospital for at least a week. Obviously this is not a minor situation. He's almost assuredly going to need a break from what he is doing, but the question is, can he step back and take it? With his business in a somewhat fragile position, can he afford to?!

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