Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

back from the DNA lounge..

Rushed back at 10:20 from the DNA Lounge, where they were having the Mozilla Release Party (For which version?! 1.0, which was released last week, or 1.1 alpha, which was released yesterday?!? Seems unbelievable that Mozilla is already 1.1a. Not that I am complaining, however. Code, comrades, code! )

Started off with a round of drinks... then ran all over the place, trying to find a few people. My tanq & tonic was just too much, however -- I soon became very aware that I needed something to eat before drinking any more, so K & I went over to the pizza place next door. Very, very cool place. Surreal decor that was so funky you'd swear it was florescent. Huge slice of pesto pizza topped with slices of potato. Potato?!? Yeah, potato. Their pizza and the surroundings left us both in happy 'tude land, both thinking "yes, we have to move to S.F. regardless of the cost and inconvenience because it can indeed be that cool." Adult amusement park, really.

Went back in, only to find that seating had become a valued commodity. Found a table of sorts for Kirsten and myself, then (not for the last time that evening) ran off in order to locate Brad and ideally do the rounds and say hi to a few people. Soon after, I ran into niko... I caught him at a kiosk reading his friends list, just a minute or so after he made this post. I wish we had more of a chance to talk, but my agenda at that moment was to do my job, of sorts... ideally meeting Brad and talking shop while doing a bit of social networking. Social networking is important, as that is how I can get the word out about ________ to people outside of the immediate LJ community. It's also how new opportunities arise, how vexing problems sometime get solved, and how I stay in the know at times. It's part of my job. I should save receipts when I socialize for tax purposes!

Nick is cool. I still think that he should come over for drinks and hang out on the front porch sometime. I need more male friends, preferably ones who like drinks, music, have a bit of an edge to them, are technically oriented without being obsessive, and aren't obnoxious dudes.

After much searching throughout the evening, it became pretty clear that Brad wasn't there at the time. I theorized in the car that maybe he was getting lucky. Kirsten was squicked by the idea. "It's like thinking about my parents having sex..."

I ran into jwz. I didn't know what to say to him. A bit awkward, really. This is odd, as I've exchanged numerous emails and tried to help him out on a few things in the past. The remedy to such awkward moments is a round of drinks, of course. Really, there are a lot of people with whom I would like to have the time to just sit down someplace, have a drink, and talk. However, since I am dirt poor right now and he has my old Pentium server somewhere in his club (maybe that would explain the slow kiosks!), he should buy the first round, perhaps. ;->

I got to meet Cory Doctorow again, who runs boingboing, writes great sci-fi, and is the Outreach Coordinator for the EFF. We've exchanged emails and talked on the phone, yet we both barely recognized each other from SXSW. I explained that, "...well, I've only seen you once, so it was hard to identify you by anything other than what you kind of looked like..."

Basically, Cory looks like this:

... and I explained to him that he kind of looked like this:

One of these two entities is Drew Carey, though both of them have a thing for 'da Mouse. One hobnobs with Mickey, while the other one writes sci-fi about Disneyworld, when he isn't poking a bit of fun at the rats behind the mouse. Cory went into an amusing (yet apparently good natured) fit of flying middle fingers! Hey, if you don't like the comparison, get some new glasses! ;->

After the gesticulations, we talked about his recent trip to Europe. Apparently, all the webgeek action in Europe this year was not at Reboot... lots of it was at The Festival of Inappropriate Technology. It went over so well that there was apparently talk about having a version of the festival on this side of the pond (presumably in the Bay Area) and tying the whole shebang together with a melange (blancmange?!) of 802.11, wires, and blinkenlights. I certainly hope that the festival gets a left coast element, because I sure as f*ck can't justify flying off to Europe, regardless of what others do.

Ran into James and Jim who founded hotornot. James fortunately recognized me amidst the dim lighting. Good to see both of them. We talked a bit about the (almost dead) Weblogger User Group in the Bay Area. The group needs to be put out of its misery so that something better and more social will take its place. Lord knows, I've thought about doing something of the sort -- the Bay Area is full of web-oriented geeks who want to make the web more expressive and who would like more excuses to get together, hang out, and talk... so what's wrong with that?!

Given the balkanized, fractious nature of the web... just about everything. ;->

During the course of the night, while I was wandering around, a person sat next to Kirsten. He said "I'm a programmer and I'm going to sit here." He then proceeded to pick oddly at a tiny wad of paper about the size of an eraser on the end of a pencil. He picked at it, unrolled a bit of paper, then proceeded to do something that looked somewhat like attempting (badly) to fold the world's smallest paper crane. He did this for a long, long time.

As I said to Kirsten on the brisk 35 minute ride back...

" I was tempted to ask 'Who's the geek?', but that would have been rude."

"But you're a geek!"

"True, but I'm not a capital-G-three-three-K..."

Talking at a nightclub sucks. Talking at DNA tonight? Doubly so. I couldn't hear a thing practically. (Still, there are advantages perhaps to not allowing a club night to degenerate into geekspeak...) I can't hear in clubs worth mentioning, as I used to go to them far too often in my radio daze. Do I wish I could hear better in clubs? Oh, sure... but frankly, even if I could, I would rather talk somewhere less noisy anyway. Do I regret going to so many live shows when I was young? Not really. If I hadn't thrown my shy, young, awkward-assed self into odd situations with people that I idolized, then I wouldn't be me. I like who I am today -- now if only it paid the rent.

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