Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The future is scarier than you think...

I was looking at the journal of desertwolf, since he commented on a post of mine, and it mentioned iTrick, a piece of software designed for gay men to use as a "little black book", of sorts. Basically, it's software that allows people to keep track of other people's personal information and relative doability.

Then it hit me... this kind of program is practically ideal for a peer-to-peer application. Think of millions of people being able to submit queries as to the sexual performance or odd hangups of a given person, for instance. Would such an application lead to attention focusing on a new breed of sexual superstars at the expense of everyone else? What happens if you experience a nasty break up? Would your ex conspire to reduce your standing so greatly as to permanently damage your doability quotient?! ;->

Realistically, the fine details of your love life is probably not all that applications like this would touch upon. Imagine a piece of software designed to allow you to find the dirt on practically anyone in a completely anonymous, distributed manner. The ramifications are frightening and the potential for abuse is unlimited, but I know a lot of people who would use it, if only for sheer entertainment value.

Personally, I think it's inevitable that someone will make something like this one day -- enjoy what privacy you have left while it lasts. Despite all my hopes for a kinder, more decent breed of human being, it seems obvious to me that if there is one thing that technology will enable people to do in the future, it will be to make it possible for everyone you know to more efficiently laugh at you behind your back. ;->

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