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Parties, movies, etc...

Definitely want to go to this!

Mozilla 1.0 Release Party
Wednesday June 12th, 2002
dna lounge
375 eleventh street, san francisco
8pm to 2am

Anyone else from the South Bay want to go too?!

BTW - did anyone else notice the release of LiveLizard 1.4, a LiveJournal client that integrates nicely with Mozilla? Drag and drop images, text formatting buttons, tabs to jump between HTML and Source view. Yow! LiveLizard is ubersexy!

Oh... speaking about ubersexy, have you seen the new film by Ang Lee? No, not Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon... this one. BMW has recruited four well-known directors to create short films prominently featuring BMWs, all of them have a different take. Ang Lee's short is more of an elegant ballet of Beemers than a chase scene, but I love the humorous in joke at the end of the movie. John Frankenheimer's short has lotsa shoot-em-up action and great use of sound -- he'd kick-ass as a director for a Bond film. Guy Richie (director of Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch) provides a short that is tightly edited and fun... and everything that you wish would happen to Madonna in the back of a cab.

My favorite, however, was the short Powder Keg by Alejandro Gonzбlez Iсбrritu, director of Amores Perros, which I have yet to see. Powder Keg was a real departure from the other films, featuring easily the best story and acting... now I *have* see Amores Perros sometime soon.

"If you like to see beautiful girls driving fast sport cars and breaking joculatory type he-men men's spines..."

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