Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Italian Postcards

I'm promoting LiveJournal Translation to those who should know about it, so that they can have native language versions of LiveJournal available to them. There are so many people I have talked to about this before, and I am glad it's finally able to become a reality. Now to get the word out and the work done.

I'm hoping that there will be good reason for LiveJournal to register a lot of overseas domains in the not-too-distant future. Everyone in the world deserves weblog software that is native to them, I think.

How come there aren't more Italians who use LiveJournal? I can't find an Italian community! There are, however, three users who never post called Italy, Italia, and Italian. I wonder whether I should email one of these people and see if they are willing to either switch or relinquish their name, because that's just not good.

However, while searching for an Italian community, I did find forioscribe. Wow. What an incredible photographer! Just did a quick search on the web of his work over the years and he's had a really wonderful career... he even photographed Ali. I also love these photos too.

Looking forward to a regular supply of beautiful photos from Italy in my friends list!

*** Postscript: There's now italiano which I am helping jumpstart. Every nation deserves a community. ***

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