Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

It's been a stressful week

I haven't posted for awhile, but I don't think I have wanted to delve too much into a busy and tumultuous life at this moment.

My mother is suffering from multiple system atrophy, a fatal disease that is similar but more severe than Parkinsons. Well, she called up at the house a few days ago asking for Steve and Kirsten. Steve is my brother's name. Her thinking processes are starting to unravel just like her body, and it's painful to notice, as she starts to show signs of progressing towards the last stages of the disease. I'm not sure which is worse... seeing her mind slip away from her, or her body. The body will last longer, I suspect. I suspect that she wouldn't have chosen to live like this, but she is in denial of her disease, in a way... the mind has a way of justifying itself to itself, and the concept of being impaired or less than fully rational to her is just too much to deal with. I should visit her soon while she still is the person I know as my mother.

More immediately, my grandfather, who appeared to be making a recovery from breaking his hip, got a blood infection and is apparently on his last legs. The clinician over in England suggested that he will probably die within the week. I was going to rush to San Francisco and arrange for a passport, but apparently my brother is flying over to England today. Maybe I should have gone any way, but there is nothing I could really do.

I have also dealt with a few stressful things on LJ lately... found out about a suicide of a LiveJournal user when I started getting contacted by the press. Despite the misquotes, they did a fair article. Been trying to help the family in any way possible, and arranged to give them control of the account. Have to find new maintainers for the user's communities too. Very sad case, but I'm glad I put policies in place well before this occurred as opposed to afterwards. I would be feeling much worse otherwise.

Also trying to head off a user of LiveJournal who has threatenned to report the site to a particularly litigious organization if we don't censor several of our users. The thing is, if we are reported to this organization, they almost assuredly will take action, and LiveJournal might have to either censor itself or handle some serious legal fees that we might not be able to afford.

In the event that such a censorious legal complaint is filed against us by said organization, there are a few things that will make me feel better, however... I think it would be appropriate to discuss this matter with a certain person I talked to at SXSW who happens to work for the EFF... and if the news media gets ahold of the story and the person who reported LJ to the organization in question finds themselves reviled revealed to over a half a million people on LJ plus anyone who happens to believe in free speech, well, that's freedom of the press, right?! After all, it would be newsworthy... and freedom of speech cuts both ways.

Yeah, it might be quaint, but information still wants to be free.

Note that this is not a pity post, so no "I'm sorry" comments, please. No, I'm not happy about a lot of things. Yes, I will do fine, thank you.

Besides, I feel bad enough dumping all this stuff on hopeforyou earlier, who was a good sport. It was a blaintant ploy to get more hugs. Still, sometimes you have to throw yourself on the grenade... ;->

Oh, and as always, I ~heart~ Roshi. We talked about tzatziki, dolmades, and Otis Redding. She'd make a sexy borg. I would gladly be assimilated.

Like I said... no pity posts. If you want an interesting conversation, let's talk about the ethics of using freedom of speech / "the truth" as a weapon. When is it appropriate?!

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