Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Did you know that LiveJournal is being written up in a book?!

Well, we are...

I've been emailing back and forth lately with Meg Hourihan, who has her own external site at . Meg was the co-founder of Blogger, along with the guy who still runs things over there.

In any case, lots has changed in her life since she left Blogger around January of last year. She's now a freelance web consultant/lecturer/writer, and is co-authoring a book on weblogs.

Well, to make a long story short, she's researching LiveJournal for the book and now has an account on our site: megnut1. She's actually been writing a little bit in it too, which some Bloggers might consider a form of heresy, after the whole Webby hullabaloo last year. She's a brave soul and a smart cookie, though... check her out and make her feel assimilated welcome.

Personally, I have no problems with Blogger people having LJ accounts, and I have my share of LiveJournal friends who have Blogger accounts too. Basically, they serve different purposes. Blogger is a great place to write about topical matters of the day, and LiveJournal is a great place to interact with others and get laid meet new friends.

I'm a heretic too. I have both a Blogger account and a Userland account. I think I might even have a Diaryland account too... though I can't say I use any of them much, except to post to sxswblog and see what the other weblog/journal/diary apps are up to.

I was just doing my job... honest.

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