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karma collection notice - it's payback time.

Every now and then, something happens with one of my LJ friends and I try to help out a bit. This seems like an appropriate time, since I know that basically the person in question needs help and has nowhere to turn to without some outside assistance.

danielle2094 is basically being kicked out of the house by her pill-addicted mother and abusive father. Things came to a head earlier today, and she doesn't know how long she's got before they basically throw her stuff out on the lawn. She lives in Bumfuck, Oklahoma, is twenty years old, and has worked several jobs, including work as a customer service rep for (until the company went bankrupt) and as a medical transcriptionist and telemarketer. She hasn't been able to find work since her last job, however, and has no savings.

What she needs is a job, and a place to relocate to (she hates Oklahoma and has multiple piercings). Her longterm goals? To go to college and study psychology. Her dream job? To work in a piercing parlor. She is more than willing to work any job like what she's had before, however. If you have any leads on jobs for her, please let me know.

Basically, her only option right now is to move in with a guy who would expect sex the entire time she stays there. I don't know about you, but for me, this isn't an acceptable option. If you can click on the link below and donate just a few bucks to help her out, it would be appreciated. (It doesn't have to be much, because when you are dealing with lots of LJers, a few bucks each makes a big difference!)

If you can't afford to help out right now, please point to this post in your journal or in a community where this message might resonate, so that others can help. Think of it as a way of paying back a debt you might still owe to someone who didn't have any good reason to help you out in the past, but who did you a selfless favor that you can only repay by doing the same for someone else.

*** Total so far - $400 with over 30 seperate donations! This should help her considerably! Thanks everyone! ***

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