Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

***Coff, choke!***

A picture of Brad from the LA LJ Bash.

...and that is why, although I live an "alternative lifestyle", am not a public exhibitionist.

That was what fundamentally didn't work for me at the L.A. LJ Bash. What is the point of licking whipped cream off of someone's anatomy if you can't bring them to orgasm anyway? Under the circumstances, I preferred stimulating conversation.

If I want to see women kissing each other, I can go to bi coffee... which I am missing out on tonight, unfortunately, as Kirsten is feeling under the weather and needs tea and love. I'm hoping she didn't have bad sushi.

Meanwhile, I'm working on a deadline. Arrgh. I have too much to do before flying out to Atlanta on Thursday morning. Way, way too much to do! That, of course, explains why I am writing this post. Procrastination will get me nowhere.

Hm. Queer as Folk is on in 30 minutes, too...

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