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other notes from Austin

Wrote this on Sunday night, when I scoped out Elysium the night before the LJ party.


Elysium - Sunday night

So, after visiting the Fray day, only to find out it was overbooked, overcrowded, and not particularly alcohol-enabled, I walked over to Elysium to check it out for the party the next day. Elysium reminds me about everything I liked about One Step Beyond in the early days... The music was primarily '80s, but what good '80s... they played a lot of things that you normally don't hear in '80s clubs in the Bay Area, such as Lene Lovich. The club had sort of an "Egypt on the Bayou" character to it, if that makes any sense... It was dark, with old, irregular wooden walls, painted black.

The people at the club were a lot more energized and less jaded than most of the clubs in the Bay Area., and the crowd was a healthy mix of goth, industrial, alternative, gay, kinky, whatevah... just the way I like it!

Met with the owner, who seemed like pretty much the least jaded, elitist club owner I've met to date. He was very friendly -- Austin horsepatality. He covered my drinks and introduced me to his wife, who was deejaying that evening. Nice couple, and obviously one with a passion for what they were doing. They had their dream jobs, obviously.

So... how do you make enough money to open your own nightclub?! Apparently, you install swimming pools in Texas. Alternately, you could program Netscape's first browser for Unix or wait for a death in the family...

So, since I took a few pictures earlier of Content's boots, I figured I would expand upon the theme... (I'll have to post my pictures soon.) If you want to meet lots of cute creatures, take lots of pictures of boots. I think I will make it a habit, since I'm lousy at pickup lines. ;->

It's good to be a tourist with a few drinks in his belly. One should live their life as a perpetual mix between native and tourist -- going to where the locals go, but not feeling constrained by the daily grind that everyplace seems to have... and that people from the Bay Area often seem to have to a greater degree than others.

I don't think that most people realize just how hard people from the Silicon Valley really do work, and how it effects and permeates inte every aspect of what we do. Maybe that explains, in part, the odd fanatical zeal that I tend to show for LJ, or the entrepreneurial drive that is so common in the Bay Area.

I have a pack of light American Spirits that were being given out by the dozens, freely at a SXSW party. As fun as SXSW is (and as fun as the music part of it is making the interactive conference pale in comparison) I feel like a spoilt child in a toy store, and feel vaguely guilty at all the perks "us outsiders" are getting in this town. the people throwing SXSW and all of the sponsors behind it all are showing us a good time, but my idea of a good time is a iot less contrived, despite the free drinks and smokes. Thus I am here. Yup. I AM HERE.. NOW.

Um... so why am I talking to you right now anyways?!

Back to the seething throngs that have now packed the place. Miss you all, wish you were here...

music at the time: The Smiths - "There Is a Light (That Never Goes Out)"

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