Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Cultural differences between submariners...

Was reading a news story today about the British selling the Canadians submarines that leak. That, however, wasn't the amusing part for me.

What was amusing was hearing that one of the Canadian submariners unjammed a faulty piece of equipment with a hockey stick. Only a Canadian would bring a hockey stick onto a submarine, where space is at a premium. Do you think they play a few games in the narrow passageways between compartments or something? Imagine all the really interesting rebound shots you could do... and somewhere out there in the deep, there is a very confused Russian Sonar operator, listenning to it all.

Do you think the Russians have something similar with their subs, like a unique ballast system made up of empty bottles of Stoli?

Do Canadians do something similar for computer technical support?

"Hello?! Ontario Online... Your computer won't start, eh? Have you tried rebooting it...? Well, what aboot a slapshot? Aim for the fan port!"

In other news Scotland gave up the war on drugs, prompting Prince Philip to open his mouth for half a second before being tackled to the floor by the Queen's personal guards.

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