Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Post VD.

Charlotte arrived last night. She's staying over (somewhat unexpectedly) for the next few days... Kirsten and I dropped by Leather Masters down the street the other day for pr0n (no, we don't rent it all the time, but 'tis the season...) and had to return some videos last night, so we went with Charlotte. I believe it was the first sex shop she'd ever been in. She asked what that penis was doing attached to that thing, so I twisted the knob that turned that thing on (Ker-chunk! Ker-chunk! Ker-chunk!) and watched the blood drain out of her face. Oh, the horror!! It was like the ending of The Curious Sofa. I noted that the f*cking machine seemed entirely too slow, and suggested that maybe it needed lubrication...

Why should sex toys be seen as a hundred times more shocking than guns?! Then again, maybe Dormando is right.

Oh... and darling Roshi made me a Valentine!


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