Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

March of the web lemmings.

So, I was thinking about drafting something on news talking about us hitting 450,000 users and also mentioning all the LJ bashes that are going on this year (I can't wait until the directory is up again and people can just *find* this stuff out a lot easier...) and then I visit a website someone on LiveJournal linked to - almost immediately, several browser windows/pop-unders/etc. appear, and *LOUD* audio starts up, talking about incredible business opportunities.

So, I immediately start whacking browser windows, and in the process post something to news that says "Figured I would"... not that I realized this immediately, however. I had to kill IE entirely to finally get rid of the last remnants of the spam. Fortunately, someone killed my post, but not before a handful of people commented on it.

The reality has set in... I'll have to install a pop-up blocker app.

The thing is, I still don't believe I should have to. I have resisted because I didn't want to bother with an app that would effect my browser experience. I know people who use pop-ups and who actually do some cool things with them... I've seen them used effectively on digital art sites, on all sorts of sites really.

Well, screw them, right?! Let's screw *ALL* of those creative souls who do cool things with the Internet, because some people want to just find a new way to abuse it.

What really irritates me is that the reason somebody linked to that page in the first place was probably because they already had a pop-up blocker on. So, in other words, I should install one because someone else has no problems linking their "friends" to spam sites from hell. Thanks friend...

This fundamentally annoys me. It's like driving on a road with one of those assholes who buys the biggest S.U.V. they can find so they don't have to think anymore. You know the type - we're talking about the knuckledraggers that put on their turn signal and then leisurely merge into your lane without looking back once. Sure, their vehicle moves from point A to point B, but they don't do anything that can really be construed as actually driving.

The painful part of the whole thing, however, is that there are few good solutions. I would like to suggest the return of public stockades for people who abuse the 'net, ideally so the offender's face is at ass height. Cruel and unusual punishment you say?! Yeah, I guess. After all, why would we want people who ruin things for everyone else to feel embarrassed or ashamed of their actions, or to make them feel like they can't anonymously bite the hand that feeds them? I mean, you'd only want to subject people to public embarrassment if you didn't want them to do it again or something...

Welcome to the Web - now get in line behind bozo and put your brain on autopilot, 'cause there's no room for responsibility anymore.

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