Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Pizza Party Preparations

So, it looks like this Saturday is the LiveJournal Pizza Party in San Jose.

6pm-9ish, at ...
Nick's Pizza
354 E Santa Clara Street (at 8th St.),
San Jose, CA
(get a map )

I need to give the owner of the restaurant some sort of idea regarding the number of people who are showing up. So far, I'm guessing about thirty will show up, but that's just theoretical and is likely to increase. We've got room for up to 75, easy. The cool thing is that you can swing by, hang out with a lot of the local LJers, have some great food, and still have time to go out later that night if you have other plans...

Oh, and people have been asking questions, so I figured I would share the answers:
- Yes, you can definitely invite others, even if they aren't part of LJ.
- Sure, you can post about it in your journal. In fact, I'd encourage it.
- Yeah, I'm sure the owner can get you food that is vegetarian / low-carb / non-lactose / non-pizza. He's actually got quite a large menu, is a trained chef, and customizes dishes for people all the time. Pizza is just the most convenient thing for him to have ready for a lot of people.

If you think you'll be able to drop by, please reply to this post or email me to RSVP.

See ya there... !

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