Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Silly rabbis, Trex is for kicks!

Looks like, one of the Bay Area's oldest surviving online communities, now has its own LJ community.

See?! trex. Yes, it looks shabby now, but it's a start...!

For those who have spent the better portion of your computerized life using the web, well... Trex isn't the web, really. It's a BBS that you can either use a modem to dial into, or, better yet, telnet into. (Telnet is easy. You can telnet to Trex over the web just by clicking a link...

Back in the heyday, trex had several thousand users with about 40 people on at any one time, talking about just about everything. There were occasional gatherings, a lot of flirting, tons of drama... kinda like LJ, really. However, as the web started growing in popularity, the number of people using Trex started dwindling, as more and more people were focused soley on the web.

Bah, I say. Web-based chatting sucks, doesn't it?! AOL chat rooms are inane. IRC is overrun with script kiddies. And instant messaging?! Well, it's not really like a chat room, is it?!

All the more reason to give Trex a chance. The people are friendly, the service is free yet supported by the people who use it, and, well, it's 15 years old. Tested and true. It's kickin' it, old school. Hopefully having a LJ community will help keep Trex going for another 15 years. Maybe more...

So sit back, turn off the lights, and bathe in the cathode ray glow that is Trex.

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