Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Anyone else going to LJBash?!

Anyone from N.Cal going to the L.A. LJ Bash on March 22-24th?

I'm debating the relative merits of going or not going right now... I'd like to go, but March is crunch month for me. I'm planning on going to SXSW in early March, then to Fantasm in Atlanta on the last weekend in March. Fantasm looks like a lot of fun... and they're paying most of my airfare, which is a *BIG* plus!

All this wild, jetsetting lifestyle is bound to cost me, however. Any trip to the LJ Bash would have to be cheap - I think I would rather not fly anyway. Travel by air loses its romance real fast, and four plane flights in a month is enough for anyone.

Anyone in N. Cal interested in driving down there? I'll pack light. I'll pay for gas. I won't force you to listen to my favorite tango CDs, even...!

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