Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The things I do...

I have been pretty busy lately and have been lax in documenting every little thing that pops into my head... but I have done this and that... so I guess it behooves me to tell you about the other thing...

Time. Is there a lot of it?!
Not even close...

Work is actually starting to feel like work. I have a manager that really isn't that knowledgeable about what I do that expects reams of content to fly outta my arse... admittedly, it doesn't help much when you are out on the town every night, but... the product must ship, etc.

My boss introduced me to the CEO yesterday... yeah, yeah... I've seen him in meetings and walking around the breakroom while I'm playing pinball. Am I supposed to be inspired into a massive burst of productivity and corporate sacrifice? I guess the guy is kinda wealthy and all, but it's not my money... yet.

I do my job, he does his... that's how it works. I might even cover his ass, if he's lucky...

I guess I have a poor attitude towards this company... I get a fairly good amount for what I do, but the point of the matter is that it is a company stuck in the armpit of the Silicon Valley, impossible to easily commute to, with no good restaurants nearby. Sure, the pinball machine is kinda nice, but what happened to telecommuting?

Telecommuting, telecommuting, telecommuting... the mantra of the high-tech worker. Give us back our lives, our friends, our families and our pets... let my business clothes be a ratty robe and bunny slippers. Amen.

LJ is far cooler and more inspiring... I half-hope that it does become a real company some day. I just hope it never feels like one.

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