Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

On the fine art of the schmooze...

Looks like I am going to SXSW. Apparently I talked them into giving us a $1100 booth. I don't know exactly how, but I'm feeling pretty happy about it. It comes with two exhibitor passes, too.

In many ways, I feel very fortunate for my old days back in radio. Yes, I've worked in the high tech industry for a decade now, but there are just some things that you don't learn in high tech that you absolutely must learn in college radio - namely, how to do big things without spending a lot of money. You also learn the fine art of schmoozing and talking yourself into interesting situations. (The tough part is talking yourself back out again afterwards.)

Speaking of schmoozing, apparently Brad has persuaded his college to give him school credits for LiveJournal!

In order to get such credits, however, he needs someone of... ahem... appropriate demeanor and professionalism overseeing his work with LiveJournal. Hence the userpic!

(I'm not an easy grader. They always told me that each unit was supposed to equal about 4 hours of work a week. ergo, eight units would be 32 hours of LJ a week, right?!)

Heh. Show me the code, monkeyboy!)

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