Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,


Sometimes LiveJournal is an endless source of frustration.

I tend to view code and money as interconnected, in that one can be exchanged for the other. However, it frustrates me when I don't see that happening... code not creating much money and money not creating much code. Hope that changes soon.

At times, I feel like the only person interested in making sure that LiveJournal delivers a service that is competitive to other services out there. The object isn't to be competitive for its own sake, however, but to make sure that the users of LiveJournal get the best service with the most features. That's what will make LiveJournal a more successful open source project and a more successful site, too. I just wish that things happened a bit more rapidly, because the time is now.

Despite all that, it cheers me up to see a large LiveJournal gathering last weekend in Sao Paulo, Brasil. If only all the international communities were so incredibly together.

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