Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

More movies and games

Jeff and Lee were over today... went to a movie around fourish. Saw 'Thirteen Ghosts' at the cheapy theatres. Nice design work for the haunted house. Except it's not really a haunted house as much as a ever-changing maze of glass meant to contain the spirits of twelve rather pissed off ghosts... a glass menagerie, with lots of nice brass clockworks, really. Otherwise, though, this is a rather forgettable movie, except that the movie contains one of the most excessive, over-the-top gore scenes that has hit major theaters in years.

A lawyer for the rich weirdo who built the house gets his 50%... taken straight down the middle. In this case, he is bisected lengthwise by the sharpest, hardest pane of glass in the world. The front half/face of the lawyer slides down the glass with a squelch, leaving a red smear and a damn good anatomy lesson in its wake. If it weren't so extreme, it might have been scary. As it was, it was just gross, verging on the humorous. It's like that scene in that old movie "Scanners" where the guy's head blows up - unbelievably excessive to the point of humorous, only without any of the build up. Apparently, the lawyer didn't even deserve a fair chance to writhe in pain first. ;->

After that, we went back to the house and struggled to find a game that harmless and non-strategic without being too boring. We did dominoes, but that sucked, so we dug out an old game of pacheezi. Nobody was quite sure how to play it, and the rules we had with the set (which was one of those "many games in one" sets, were less than good...

So, I researched a bit after the fact. All I can say is boy have Americans ruined the original rules! I should get some cowrie shells to use in place of dice, perhaps.

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