Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

On SXSW and "Ikiru"

Looks like Brad just got an invite to speak on a panel at SXSW... this is something that I actually worked for early in November, so I'm glad to see it happen. SXSW is perhaps the most important convention of the year for online communities / weblogs. It is also music-oriented too, and might be a great place to reawaken the idea of LiveJournal for Musicians, and maybe introduce the concept of LiveJournal Interviews, somewhat like how they're done on The Well or Slashdot.

One of the things that so many people don't always see is just how many seeds I cast wildly around the Internet. I work towards a very wide web of possibilities, I guess, and it is always really cool to see something take root and grow that I helped lay the ground for in the past, even if it is frustrating at times that to others it seems that everything just "fell into place..." Trust me. Very little ever just falls into place without emails flying to absurd corners of the world, usually to complete strangers, sometimes to people I am surprised I have the cajones to contact. Sometimes I feel like LiveJournal is a notorious party crasher, finding their way into a larger Internet party to which they were not invited.

Watched Akira Kurasawa's "Ikiru" last night... it's a damn good film. A Tokyo city bureauocrat finds out that he is dying of cancer and realizes that he has done nothing with his life but push paper around. He tries to drink, socialize, and recapture his youth, but finds it a tiring, hollow exercise. He tries to fix his relationship with his son, but his son is only concerned with his own comfort and happiness. He finds contentment and acceptance of his death in seemingly the most unlikely of places - in his work - when he dedicates himself to turning a place that is overrun with raw sewage and mosquitos into a public park, battling a seemingly endless barrage of red tape in order to do so.

In the end, the credit for the civil servant's work is stolen by the deputy mayor, and yet when the civil servant dies, he dies happy... yet wistful for all the time he had wasted. All the other civil servants privately toast his determination, pledging to work together to actually get things done for a change, only to go back to their old ways the very next day.

Of course, this would never have any bearing on projects like LiveJournal, would it?! ;->

"Life is so short.
Fall in love dear maiden,
while your lips are red
and before your passion cools,
for there will be no tomorrow."

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