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back at work...

...and I wish I wasn't. ;-)

Yet again, not enough sleep... have you ever tried to write a coherent sentence about Oracle databases on 4 hours of sleep? Can't be done... (Not that it usually could be done anyway, but that isn't the point.)

To some extent, I am a compulsive nitpicker/critic... If I care about something, I usually find things that don't work optimally and feel compelled to fine tune them until they do. (It is, of course, difficult/frustrating to apply this same degree of critical analysis to myself... but that is another story.)

Lately I have used some of my spare time and compulsive nitpicking abilities to examine LiveJournal's business practices and those of other journal sites, in the hope of figuring out how to build a better, more profitable LJ... one that grows faster than other services and can afford those nifty new servers we have all heard about. I pointed out to Brad that diaryland has a policy against banner ads on journal entries and has somewhat more rapid growth than us... and provided statistics that pointed towards a noticeable drop off in new users since the advent of banner ads.

Well, after getting thousands of dollars from new members and only about $20 from banner ads over the past few weeks, looks like he pulled the ads! Obviously, he had his own reasons for doing so, but I'd like to think that I helped a bit.

Still, we have to get over the hump and actually pay for the servers. If you figure that 225 new users times $25 equals $5500, that is still only somewhat more than half the cost of the new servers, and that doesn't even include the cost of moving over to Internap, which would charge less of a monthly fee than the current host.

Frankly, I hope that things are brighter than my accessment, since LJ's server burden is insane.... we have all seen just how slow the servers have gotten. I would like to do more to help promote LJ, but doing so before we have the new servers in place will only add to the problem. If you haven't sent in your membership yet, please do consider it as an option. ~M.

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