Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Lord of the Rings - The verdict is in...

Looks like the first reviews are coming in from England, where Lord of the Rings premiered... and the verdict on how Peter Jackson did directing the picture?!

"On the whole he copes beautifully. The Fellowship of the Ring honours the text without being enslaved by it."

"purists can relax"

"The impression his film gives is one of total belief in its fantasy: the kind of belief that has been missing in almost all other attempts to tackle the genre."

"the film is a triumph: an art-department's dream..."

"Like an Anglo-Saxon cousin to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"

"The Lord of the Rings is undeniably dazzling."

"a powerful, intense and beautifully realized movie that interprets the novel - well, almost to perfection."

"What he has given us is easily the most impressive fantasy film ever made - at least until next Christmas."

"So, how many days to the release of the second film?"

It's a good thing I purchased plenty of tickets ahead of time for the opening night! Watch out, Harry Potter, 'cause you're messing with the grandmaster.

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