Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,


nice relaxing weekend... which is sort of odd to say, since we really had only from 10pm Friday to around 10 am today really relaxing. Thirty-six hours, many of which we slept thru, and which included spending about 5 hours of yesterday at the house dealing with emails, checking friends lists, reading discussion forums, doing web-based research for C's paper, etc... so 31 hours, really.

So, why did it feel like such a long vacation? Why do I feel like I miss my online friends?! Odd...

I feel all soft. Must be that stuff I put in the Jacuzzi. The funny thing is, I really could use more sleep... and maybe a trip later to the Y. Wish I had something to do tonight. This house here is just totally inadequate for having friends over, though. I need someplace more spacious, comfortable and relaxing. I've probably spent too much money this weekend, but I could still use a massage...


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