Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Post-VNV bliss, Hope, happiness, and idealism...

I would have taken pictures, but there were too many perfect and near-perfect moments tonight that hiding behind technology would have been criminal... I was really surprised at how well both VNV Nation and Icon of Coil connected with the crowd, and at how crisp and good the DNA sounds for live concerts. I mean, I knew the equipment put into the place was good, but I am still surprised at what a difference it makes live. Normally, you hear bands talk between songs and it sounds like this accented mumble... but either band could've recorded straight from the board and released a great live album. This wasn't the typical situation where the headliner had ok sound and the opening band had ubercrappy sound... Both bands sounded great, they loved playing there, they loved the crowd... and they both put on great sets because of it!

I saw about seven people I knew at the show, but few I really talked with, though I would have liked to... I can't talk in clubs well, as my hearing is less than ideal in such circumstances. That's what I get for seeing as many live bands as I have, I guess. Then again, I didn't have to talk much when I ran into hopeforyou... I was floored! I had no idea she was going to be there, and even though I just saw her on Tuesday, seeing her there just made me soooo happy/huggable! I went over to fetch Kirsten, grabbing the coats and such, knowing she would be surprised and equally elated to see her, and, as such, would need her hands free for hugs too! We were together for pretty much the entire VNV Nation performance and it made things even better than they otherwise would be! Definitely a night worth remembering / repeating...

It's weird. When I first met Hope, it was like meeting someone I've met somewhere before... even though I knew I hadn't. I think it's just that she has such an open personality and that we really connect on some level, allowing me to feel free to just be myself. I feel like I can really trust her, which is a hard thing to find at times.

So, I'm back here, gradually coming off the high, so to speak, now thinking about idealism.

Why is it always the pessimists who talk about "hopeless idealists"?

In truth, the idealists have hope, in that they are seeking that which they view as ideal. The pessimists are the ones who are hopeless.

Quick test. Name ten idealists who significantly changed the outcome of the last century for the better.

Now, name ten pessimists who did the same.

Which list is harder to create?!

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