Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Pulling the plug on hate...

I did a search tonight on Matthew Broderick, just out of curiosity... I clicked on a link and look at what I found...

It was late and I wasn't particularly awake... Without reading the rest of the page, I focused on the
Big Red Text ... and immediately started checking out the listing of entertainers. "Wow... I never knew that Jello Biafra was Jewish... how cool! Harrison Ford? Really... Siouxie Sioux?!! Bob Marley?!! You're kidding..." I thought... great! Here is a group of people from very diverse backgrounds and yet they have a common religious background and heritage... perhaps if more people had an idea of the diversity of the Jewish culture, it would help immensely.

... and then the URL struck me. "Jew Watch? Isn't that kinda crass? What kind of ...?" I checked the domain name... Pardon my French, but what kind of f*cked up shit is that? I can deal better with racists who wrap themselves in the Nazi flag and feel that it would be cool to have a website to show their f*cknut friends... their stupidity is obvious... but to somehow create an Anti-Semitic version of Yahoo and try to pass it off as a resource for research?!?? That is seriously screwed... Who is doing this kinda crap?

So, I checked out the Network Solutions site and did a Whois search to find out a bit about who registered the domain... it mentioned several people with names, addresses, phone #'s, etc. It also mentioned a name I am familiar with... Stormfront. These guys are real bastards... One look at their site pretty much sums it up... What really irked me about the Stormfront website is that they are selling Celtic jewelry on their website as a way of raising funds for their hatred.

They are using Celtic symbols tied to my heritage and polluting and desecrating them... just as the Nazis forever marred the image of the swastika.

Calling these people and asking them nicely to please stop would be non-productive, I'm sure... but I thought of other alternatives. Couldn't they just get their connectivity yanked? Who is supplying these people, anyway?

I did a tracert to see if I could determine anything about their connectivity. Turns out that the last 'hop' before arriving at was through I also discovered that the last hop for (which sold the jewelry on Stormfront's site) was at

Well... looks like we can do something about it. I checked out's acceptable use policy. It specifically says that material that is "defamatory" is not acceptable. Want to help pull the plug? Contact ... send 'em a mail now, while you are still thinking about it. If they don't do anything about it, threaten to spread the word that this major telecommunications company is sheltering a bunch of racists. has very poorly defined acceptable use policies, with no mention of defamatory content as being reason to pull the account... but if you contact and make it clear that if they don't take action, this issue will be brought to the attention of the media in Colorado, as well as the member resellers who make up the coop, perhaps something could be done there...

As for I traced their access down to the largest ISP in Louisiana. There isn't anything in their policy that specifically mentions defamitory content either, but perhaps there should be. Please contact them at, or both perhaps. Let them know that you are not amused and will do what is necessary to shut these bozos down.

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