Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

More Microsoft mayhem...

When is a game system not a game system?

Well, how about when it has a hard drive in it, is wired for the net, and an ideal platform for running web based applications... something like, oh... Microsoft's X-Box, for instance.

And is it any coincidence that Microsoft is attempting to rapidly move into putting hardware in every house, while still not seeming like they are competing against the Dells and the Gateways of the world, getting millions of boxes out there which could then be used as a device that is custom designed to work with the upcoming .net software.

What does this mean? Well, Microsoft always takes about two or three product generations to start getting things right. I'm sure they planned appropriately. Imagine what the X-Box could be in another 2 years... a dominant machine in its market, selling for under $200 with a special discount for MSN, broadband, and .net software. (Word, Excel, etc.) X-Boxes could even be used as a gateway device for home automation. For $200 plus $39.95 a month or so, you will be able to establish Microsoft's dominance over a handful of industries all at once!

Rejoice, because the computer will no longer be something you have to know how to use - it will become a consumer item. Personally, I look forward to this vision of the future about as much as I looked forward to Bob.

This, by the way, is what they call convergence, which is one of those things that happen when big companies own everything. It's supposed to be good for you or something...

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